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Frame accurate DVD chapters with Edius, Marker Exporter, TMPGEnc 4.0 and DVD-Lab Pro

1. In Edius, use the optional free German Marker Exporter and export the timeline markers to Frame

marker exort


2. Open the resulting text file in notepad and save as all files, whatever.keyframe or copy and paste the text file and then rename the pasted to whatever.keyframe

Basically, the .txt file extension needs to become .keyframe

Do not delete the original markers.txt file, you will need it in DVD-Lab Pro

3. Export the timeline video required to Canopus HQ or Canopus DV or similar and then close Edius

4. Open TmpgEnc 4.0 Xpress and load the avi file

5. Click the Cut-edit button and import the markers.keyframe file

import keyframe

6. In the Encode section, click the Other tab and make sure Encode keyframe into I Picture is selected

encode keyframe

7. Load the encoded m2v + ac3 file into the DVD-Lab Pro timeline and choose Chapters-Import, this time select the original markers.txt file

Congratulations, you have frame accurate chapters!

import chapters


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