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Cleaner 5 Tutorial for Matrox Digisuite and Speed Razor Users

The following tutorial is using 320x240 as output size and is designed for playback via CD-ROM on most PC's. You can use any larger size, if the customers PC is powerful enough. (Example: 400x300 or 640x480)


Indeo 5.11, Mpeg1, Mpeg1 VCD, Mpeg2 for PC and Set Top Players, Mpeg4 and Windows Media 7 are covered in the tutorial below.


If you don't see a setting, it means it is not applicable for the codec in question!


Before you start using Cleaner 5.02, you need to set the preferences!


Set general preferences


Then set the default destination, this is where Cleaner 5.02 will place the compressed video.


Set default destination - 1
Set default destination - 2


1. Matrox stores video and audio files on separate drives, therefore you must copy the wav file to the same drive and folder that holds the video file.



2. Now, click the cleaner.avi in Windows Explorer and drag it to the batch window, this will combine the avi and the wav files.


Add files to batch


3. Next, right click the file in the batch window and apply a setting, in this case 4 x CD-ROM.

Apply setting for CD-ROM
Apply settings for mpeg1 and mpeg2


4. Now, right click the file in the batch window again, then click advanced settings.

Click advanced settings


5. Output tab settings are required for all output formats.


Output tab settings Indeo 5.11
Output tab settings mpeg1
Output tab settings mpeg1 vcd
Output tab settings mpeg4 and wmv
Output tab settings mpeg2


6. Track tab settings are required for the following output formats.


Tracks tab settings Indeo 5.11
Tracks tab setting mpeg1
Tracks tab setting mpeg4 and wmv


7. Go to the next tab, the image tab. Here, set the cropping to numeric and set left, right, top and bottom, so that there is no black borders around your image. This can be readjusted later by looking at the dynamic preview window. Set everything else the way it is shown on the image. (Mpeg2 needs no cropping)


Image tab settings Indeo 5.11 - mpeg4 and wmv
Image tab settings mpeg1
Image tab settings mpeg1 vcd
Image tab settings mpeg2


8. In the encode tab, set everything as shown, you must remove the check mark from data rate, in order to get the quality percentage slider. Use 12.5 frames per second for Pal and 15 fps for NTSC. Use 25 fps (PAL) and 30 fps (NTSC) only if the PC can handle it. Mpeg2 must be set to the full frame rate.


Encode tab settings Indeo 5.11
Encode tab settings mpeg1
Encode tab settings mpeg4
Encode tab settings wmv


9. Audio tab settings for all output formats.


Audio tab settings Indeo 5.11
Audio tab settings mpeg1
Audio tab settings mpeg4 and wmv
Audio tab settings mpeg2


10. View the summary to make sure everything is set.


View the summary


11. From the window menu, choose show dynamic preview, there you can make sure that the edges are cropped to your liking and that the picture quality is to your liking. If not, go back to any of the previous steps and readjust as needed.


Dynamic preview


12. Start encoding by clicking the start button.


View an mpeg1 example with the above settings (1mb)


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