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Anton's "Not to Do things" with Matrox Digisuite

Rule 1: Do not connect to the Internet
A video editing computer is a standalone specialized computer that does not need internet access for any purpose whatsoever in order to perform its task of video editing. If an Internet connection is made, there is no doubt that spy ware will be installed without any knowledge of the user. Spy ware is software that runs in the background, monitoring your activity and supplying this activity to the originator of the spy software without your knowledge. Spy ware uses a fair bit of computer resources and as a result slows computer performance. There is no limit to the number of spy ware installations on a computer. I have found as many as 472 on a single computer. This computer was performing so bad that even a simple boot took 12 minutes, opening a program took up to 5 minutes, in fact the computer became unusable, it took me several hours and many reboot cycles to remove all spy ware. Currently, even with the latest Microsoft service pack installed, it is still impossible to prevent spy ware from being secretly installed. The other risk of connecting to the Internet is the one we all know, the virus! Installing Anti Virus software is a no go solution, because Anti Virus software slows computer performance making it useless for the purpose of video editing. Installing Microsoft security updates is also a no go zone, because the Matrox Digisuite drivers were written for the Basic OS without all the new security update patches, any of these patches could cause a Digisuite driver or Editing Software to malfunction.


The Matrox Digisuite and many other similar specialized computers require that the computer is in top shape at all times, free of spy ware and viruses.


Rule 2: Do not connect the Matrox Editing computer to any other computer via a network
If connected to other computer via network, the networked computer could already be infected with spy ware and viruses, in which case, this infected computer could infect the Matrox Digisuite computer. The Matrox Digisuite requires several fast hard drives connected in a stripe set, this will make them fast enough to store, edit and play video. There is no way to edit video over a network because the network cable would not be able to transmit data fast enough, as a result, there is no point installing a network in the first place, at least I don't! If data needs to be transferred to another computer, it can easily be done via burning to DVD or installing a removable drive. If a networked computer never has, and never will access the Internet, only then would I agree to install a network. But, since the Matrox Digisuite must be set up with Full Administrator privileges, it is still a risky thing to do and I would recommend against it!


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