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Creating a PAL DV Capture Device Preset with EDIUS 6 and 7

1. Go to System Settings, Hardware, Device Preset, click new, type name and select icon

PAL DV Device Preset Step1


2. Choose your Capture hardware or select Generic OHCI, select DV Stream and set 720x576 50i and then click Settings

PAL DV Device Preset Step2


3. Enable Wide Screen Signaling

PAL DV Device Preset Step3


4. Choose your Output Hardware or Generic OHCI and select 720x576 50i 16:9 or 4:3 depending on your requirements

PAL DV Device Preset Step4


5. Confirm all settings are correct, if not, use Back button to correct

PAL DV Device Preset Step5


6. Assign an Input Preset, then when you click Capture, you will be able to choose your preset right away

PAL DV Device Preset Step6




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