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Burning DVD-Lab Pro DVD with Nero Burning Rom

1. Always use Nero Burning Rom and not Nero Express

Nero 6 - Step 1

2. Select DVD, then DVD-Video, then click New

Nero 6 - Step 2

3. Browse for the VIDEO_TS folder created by DVD-Lab Pro and open it, then drag all files to the red VIDEO_TS folder

Nero 6 - Step 3

4. Click the Burn Icon and set the speed to half of what the disk and or burner is rated. If the Burner is rated at 16x and you are using a 16x DVD-R disk, then set burn speed to 8x

If the Burner is rated at 16x and the DVD-R disk is rated at 8x, the set speed to 4x

Also, if you have multiple burners, select this option prior to clicking Burn

Nero 6 - Step 4

5. Use Ctrl+Click to select any or all burners you wish to use at the same time

Nero 6 - Step 5

Always use quality DVD-R disks such as Tayo Yuden (made in Japan)



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