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Extract a DVD Recorder VOB for use in DVD-Lab authoring software

1. Place the DVD in the computer's DVD drive

2. Open DVD-Lab and go to project properties and set like this

3. Right click in asset window and choose import, browse for the DVD drive, open the VIDEO_TS folder and select the first VOB in the set

4. Push the first radio button and tick both options as seen here:

5. Browse for your DVD-Lab project folder

6. Go and have a coffee while demuxing and joining is in progress

7. When done, you will see an audio file and a video file, make sure both have an OK status as seen here

8. Now drag the video file to the empty movie place holder, then drag the audio file on top of the movie

Note: A single VOB set of a full DVD will look like this:


If the DVD contains more than one VOB set, the first VOB of the second set will look like this:


In case where there is more than one VOB set, you will need to repeat step 3, 4 and 5


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