DVD  Duplication or Replication, Blu-ray Duplication

(up to 1000 units within 24 hours)


We cater for low volume DVD or Blu-ray Duplication and high volume DVD Replication with full colour print on DVD surface, we can package your DVD into Clamshells or DVD Library Cases with full colour printed slick. We sell DVD Library Cases that hold from one to twelve DVD.

We can do the DVD and Blu-ray authoring for you, or you can supply us with an already authored DLT tape or DVD-R Authoring quality DVD. We also accept DVD-R and DVD+R.


We use high quality Taiyo Yuden (made in Japan) DVD and Verbatim Blu-ray disks


Cool New Packaging for DVD or CD, Clamshells AU$0.33 each (200 in box)


Contact us for a quote on low volume DVD Duplication or high volume Replication

DVD and Blu-ray Duplication
DVD Duplication Towers
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