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Getting good Chroma Key results from EDIUS

1. place a background track on V1

2. place the clip with blue or green on V2 above

3. apply the chroma key filter to V2

4. double click the chroma key filter on information palette

5. expand to reveal the detail section

6. adjust the range for best visual results

7. or enable key display and adjust the range ever so slightly until it just becomes a clean mask (use the mouse scroll wheel to go point by point, if 23 is dirty and 22 looks clean, stop right there, don't go any lower)

The above is assuming that a proper blue or green screen was used and that lighting was even. If you need a portable blue or green screen which can be setup in 2 seconds, contact us for a quote, plenty of stock and next day delivery available.

You can size and position your chroma key with ease by using the layout tool, be sure to set transparency to 0%

Finally, be sure to use the rectangle tool to hide/crop key edges


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