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Creating a Chroma Key with Alpha Channel Clip using EDIUS

1. Apply Edius Chroma Keyer to a blue or green clip and fine tune, then enable key display and close the keyer.


Enable key display in Edius chroma keyer


2. Mark in and out of the clip section that you need as an alpha clip and export to Canopus HQ between in and out, call the clip Mask etc.

Export between in and out


3. Delete the Chroma keyer and export the same clip to Canopus HQ with the same in and out points, call the clip Blue etc.

4. Now you see two new clips in the bin, Mask and Blue, select both clips, right click and choose Convert, Alpha matte.

Convert alpha matte


5. Select as seen below and choose uncompressed, Lossless or HQ, whatever works best for you in the desired destination program, and call the clip Comp etc.

Save alpha clip


6. All done, use the resulting Comp clip in any program that supports alpha clips.

Bin view of alpha clip finished


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