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EDIUS audio ducking shortcuts

See a short movie (1mb)


1. Go to Application Settings, Duration, set Rubberband point offset to your liking, in my example 24 frames

EDIUS 5 Rubberband Point offset



2. Add a keyframe to the music track before the voice starts and add another keyframe after the voice ends

Adding Rubberband Points



3. Hold Alt and place mouse pointer in between keyframes and drag down, EDIUS 5 will automatically create 2 new keyframes 24 frames away from the original keyframes as indicated by the two red arrows

Adding Rubberband Points



4. To fine tune the ducked audio level at a later stage, hold the Shift key as you drag up or down (if you were to use Alt+drag, a further 2 nodes would be created, so use shift/drag)

Adding Rubberband Points


5. Right click any node for all other keyboard shortcut options such as Move All



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