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Anton's EDIUS 6.5 System and User Settings

NOTE: Below are all settings that I modified, any settings screens not shown are left at EDIUS default.

EDIUS System Settings

1. Playback Settings

EDIUS65 system settings playback


2. Capture Settings

EDIUS65 system settings capture


3. Create your Project Presets in a logical order

EDIUS65 system settings project preset


4. Create your Capture Device Presets if needed

EDIUS65 system settings device preset


5. Set Preview Device if you have Grass Valley Hardware

EDIUS65 system settings preview device


6. Set Reconstruct Files for Audio CD or DVD capture

EDIUS65 system settings audio CD/DVD


7. Preset Still Image Exporter

EDIUS65 system settings still image


EDIUS User Settings

1. Timeline Settings

EDIUS65 user settings timeline


2. Project File handling and auto save times

EDIUS65 user settings project file


3. Other Settings

EDIUS65 user settings other


4. Playback Settings

EDIUS65 user settings playback


5. Preview Monitor Settings, choose the preferred full screen monitor if used, double click EDIUS preview monitor to start full screen, double click full screen to end

EDIUS65 user settings monitor


6. On Screen Display settings, choose a more suitable color for the VU meter

EDIUS65 user settings on screen display


7. Overlay Settings, using 100% action save gives a nice outline in preview monitors

EDIUS65 user settings overlay


8. Control Settings

EDIUS65 user settings control


9. Duration Settings for stills and titles (untick add between in and out)

EDIUS65 user settings duration


EDIUS Button Configuration

1. Player file left

EDIUS65 button configuration player file eft


2. Player file right

EDIUS65 button configuration player file right


3. Recorder left

EDIUS65 button configuration recorder left


4. Recorder right

EDIUS65 button configuration recorder right


5. Player deck left

EDIUS65 button configuration player deck left


6. Player deck right

EDIUS65 button configuration player deck right


7. Timeline tool bar buttons

EDIUS65 button configuration timeline tool bar 1


EDIUS65 button configuration timeline tool bar 2


EDIUS65 button configuration timeline tool bar 3


8. Mode Bar buttons

EDIUS65 button configuration mode bar



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