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Using the EDIUS 7 or EDIUS 8 Sequence Marker Ripple Function

(EDIUS 7.4 or later is required)

1. In User Settings, User Interface, Button, add the new ripple marker on/off switch to the Mode Bar
Marker Ripple On/Off Switch


2. In User Settings, Application, Other, disable "Set anchor setting to ON when adding new sequence marker"
Marker Ripple Setting

3. If ripple marker is enabled in the mode bar, markers will ripple along with any ripple edits
Marker Ripple set to on

4. If ripple marker switch is disabled, markers will not ripple
Marker Ripple set to off

5. You can choose for some markers to ripple while others don't by simply ticking or unticking in the markers window
Excuding Markers from ripple mode

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