Film to DVD Transfer Service


Standard 8mm, Super 8mm or 16mm Movie Film to DVD

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We have vast experience converting films to video format, going right back to 1985. Our well-proven process starts with checking your 8mm or 16mm films for bad or broken splices, then repairing them as necessary.


Our conversion process guarantees excellent flicker-free results, the film is not harmed in any way, dark sections of film are automatically brightened. All film is transferred to hard disk in uncompressed avi format. After conversion we remove blank spots and really bad sections then add easy-listening background music prior to DVD encoding and authoring.


Each reel of film converted to DVD will get its own menu play button for instant access.

50 feet

15 metre


200 feet

60 metre


400 feet

120 metre


800 feet

240 metre


1200 feet

360 metre


16mm to DVD = $44.00 for every 100 feet of sound or silent movie film


Note: captured footage is alo available in avi format at no extra cost, all you need to do is bring a portable hard disk.

Super 8mm Movie Reel - 50 feet
DVD Library Case
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