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Using TmpgEnc Mastering Works 5 for creating mpeg4 for web and ipad

1. Start Mastering Works, start new project and load your Canopus HQ Fine (or other) source file. If the source file is progressive, leave the settings on progressive, if the source file is 1920x1080 or 1280x720, leave aspect on 1:1, for any other format, set accordingly

Mpeg4 for web step1


2. If source file is 16:9 or 4:3, click Filters

Mpeg4 for web step2


3. Untick keep aspect

Mpeg4 for web step3


4. Select Mpeg-4 file output

Mpeg4 for web step4


5. Set all settings as seen below for PAL, change frame rate to 30 in case of NTSC

Mpeg4 for web step5


6. Click advanced MPEG output

Mpeg4 for web step6


7. Enable Output for streaming use and Output a Baseline Low Complexity Profile and set PAL or NTSC, leave all other settings as they are, no need to change Audio or GOP or Other settings

Mpeg4 for web step7


8. Set the bitrate in the Video Tab, 2000 is normally plenty for web use

Mpeg4 for web step8


9. Finally, save your preset for future use

Mpeg4 for web step9



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