Installing and using EDIUS 7 and EDIUS 8 on the same PC

(same C drive)


1. In case you are currently using EDIUS 7, uninstall it and choose deactivate later


2. Install the latest version of EDIUS 8


3. Use Windows Explorer and go to Windows/system32


4. Sort by date so all recent files are at top


5. copy all recent files with current date starting with C and G (these are the codec dll files used by EDIUS 8)


EDIUS8 codecs


6. Copy them to a folder somewhere safe.


7. Install EDIUS 7 latest version and reboot.


8. Copy the saved dll files and paste them back to the system 32 folder in order to replace the EDIUS 7 codec dll files with the EDIUS 8 dll files


EDIUS 7 will work perfect with the EDIUS 8 codecs, however if this is not done, EDIUS 8 will crash under several circumstances because it does not like the EDIUS 7 dll files.



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