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Burning Blu-ray Video with Nero Burning Rom


Current version available here


1. Start Nero Burning Rom  and choose Blu-ray and BDMV Video, set burn speed and tick multiple burners (if you have multiple burners of the same model), type the number of copies needed and then click New

Nero Blu-ray Step1


2. Set Nero Burning Rom  to Horizontal, Compilation Bottom (this will be remembered for all future burns)

Nero Blu-ray Step2


3. Find the BDMV folder on your hard disk on top left window and drag it from the top right to the bottom right into empty space. There is no need to drag the Certificate folder since Nero automatically creates it. Nero will warn you if your BDMV folder is not Blu-ray compliant and will indicate the issue so you can fix it.

Nero Blu-ray Step3


4. Click the Burn Button at the top and not at the bottom right, the one at the bottom right bypasses your configuration windows, so not ideal

Nero Blu-ray Step4


5. Type a disk name for your Blu-ray and then click Burn

Nero Blu-ray Step5


6. Select any or all burners you wish to use at the same time by using Ctrl+Click

Nero Blu-ray Step6


7. Done



Burning Blu-ray Video with ImgBurn (free)

Please see this tutorial

Download ImgBurn here


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