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Starting a new Speed Razor Project Anton's Way!

1. Open the DEFAULT project.

2. Go to Project, Editing settings and set all audio to 48k -

3. Set your default crop, so that whenever you use a DS DVE, you don't need to manually crop the black edges -

4. Set the compression quality to what you normally use -

5. Now, load all effects that you mostly use, place your color bar clip and tone inside the video and audio drive DEFAULT folders, then load color bars with tone, and do the same with the END.avi and END.wav -

6. Save the project.

7. Now, every time you start a new project, open the Default project -

8. From the File menu, choose new project and type a name.

9. Now, your new project will have all the correct setting.

10. To finish off, from the file menu, choose merge, browse for the DEFAULT project and click open, this will load all effects etc. -

11. Click Save Version, and you are ready to start capturing, no more need to load effects and standard clips, plus all editing settings will be correct.

How to create END.avi and END.wav

(this is ideal for detecting unused clips by placing it last on the timeline when the edit is finished, then sorting the bin by result time, now you can delete all clips that are below the end clip in the bin)

Create the END.avi with END.wav by placing a 3 sec Inscriber on the timeline and typing END so that it is almost full screen, see this -

Then export the 3 sec selected area to Matrox Digisuite.avi and wav and name them END (the audio clip will be created automatically) -


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