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Power Point slides converted for EDIUS use

The first step is to determine pixel size of the PP slides, if your EDIUS project is 1440x1080, then we want the slide to be saved as 1440x1080 Bitmap.

To achieve this, you need to change the page setup of the Power Point. By default it is set to On Screen Show at 25.4cm  x 19.05cm

You can go to this Conversion Site to convert pixel to cm, so I typed 1440 and 1080 and it gave me 38.1cm and 28.575cm

So enter these dimensions in Power Point page setup, then export to Bitmap or tif or png

Each resulting slide will be 1440x1080 and as a result will look excellent in EDIUS.

PowerPoint to EDIUS

then choose Every Slide to export all slides in one hit.


PowerPoint to EDIUS


Highest Quality Method - Enhanced Windows Metafile


1. Open Power Point presentation, don't alter page setup, leave the way it was supplied

2. Choose file, save as, Enhanced Windows Metafile

PowerPoint to EDIUS

Using Enhanced Windows Metafile produces the highest quality, however it slows EDIUS startup time if lots of PP slides are used

Use the EDIUS layout tool to to zoom, stretch and position or set aspect to 16:9

You can change the aspect of all stills in the EDIUS bin to 16:9 in one hit while in list view

You can also apply a layout that is suitable to one slide, save as user preset and then apply it to all others in one hit

Enhanced Windows Metafiles have a large pixels aspect, this allows for a fair amount of zooming using the EDIUS layout tool.


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