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Making QuickTime movies with QuickTime 7.0 Pro

You can make QuickTime movies from native Matrox Digisuite files with separate audio using Quicktime 7.0 Pro

1. Open the QuickTime Pro player and choose open movie -

2. Select the matrox.avi and click Convert -

3. Now click edit, enable tracks  -

4. Next, make sure the video track is on -

5. Now, choose file, new player -

6. Once again, click file, open movie -

7. Choose audio files and select the matrox.wav file -

8. Once again, choose edit, enable tracks and enable the audio track -

9. Now click edit, select all - then edit copy -

10. Go back to the player with the movie and choose edit, add -
(make sure the movie is rewound with pointer at beginning before you add)

11. You can now play the movie in sync with audio

12. From the file menu, choose export then click options -

13. You can set size, frame rate, data rate as you desire -

14. Or you can choose from a number of templates -


Experiment with the data rate until you have the desired result.

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