Custom Performance Computers for EDIUS and EDIUS hands on Training

Grass Valley EDIUS Products

We build custom performance computers for any budget complete with Grass Valley EDIUS editing software and hardware options.


Asrock X99 Extreme 6 MotherboardPurchasing a new computer for EDIUS from Antons Video Productions will entitle you to free support and basic training. One on one hands on training sessions are available.


All computers are performance tuned to suit EDIUS. All parts are covered by 12 months warranty and hard disks are covered with 5 years warranty.


We only use Samsung Pro 850 series SSD Solid State Disks for the operating system which results in an access time of only 0.08 milliseconds and a read speed of 530 MB/sec


Memory options of 16GB to 64GB


We use Corsair CPU Water Cooling


Our custom built computers achieve the top score of 7.9 in all aspects of the Windows Performance Index

Windows Performance Index

We use Nvidia based graphics cards and we suggest Raid5 using a minimum of four Western Digital RE4 Enterprise drives for video storage. Our preferred PC case is Fractal Design ARC Midi R2 or the extra large case which allows for more burners such as four Pioneer BDR-209 Blu-ray/DVD burners Define XL R2EDIUS Pro 8 Editing Software


EDIUS Pro 7 Software and Hardware Solutions


EDIUS Pro 8 Software


EDIUS Workgroup 8 Software


(Full version and upgrade version serial numbers always in stock for email delivery, so you can unlock the trial version as soon as you wish and register your product online)


Also available with Blackmagic DeckLink Hardware


Contact us for any of the above or a complete turnkey system.


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