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Windows 8.1 performance settings for EDIUS

1. In PC properties, System Protection, disable protection of all listed drives

Disable System Protection in Win8

2. Click the Advanced Tab and in Startup and Recovery, disable automatically restart

Disable automatic restart in Win8

3. In Advanced, click the Performance settings button and disable the first 8 visual effects

Disable non essential visual effects in Win8

4. If you have 16GB or more Ram installed, set virtual memory on C drive to 1024MB initial and max

Set Virtual Memory in Win8

5. Disable User Account Control by dragging the slider all the way to the bottom

Disable User Account Control in Win8

6. Change Windows update options to never check, you can do this manually by opening Internet explorer and go to Tools, Windows Updates (once a week is enough)

Windows Update Settings in Win8


7. You will not see the high performance option initially, you need to click the show more plans link, then click change plane settings and set as seen below

High Performance Power Option in Win8
Change high performance plan settings
Change high performance plan settings

8. Show all Apps and click Windows Defender and under Administrator, untick real-time protection

Windows Defender Win8

Disable Windows Defender in Win8

9. Disable the De-fragment Tool in Administrative Tools

Disable Defrag Drives in Win8

10. Turn off all warning messages in the action center

Disable warning messages in the action center of Win8

11. Create a desktop shortcut to the Temp folder and empty it daily

Empty Temp folder daily

To protect your C drive in case of failure, create a system image by using the legacy Win7 system image tool found in the control panel, System and Security, File History, at bottom left click System Image Backup, then follow these Win7 instructions (or use a third party image tool such as Acronics)

System Image Backup in Win8.1

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