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EDIUS 9.5 Multicam Sync

The new EDIUS Multicam Sync feature allows creating multicam sequences very fast by comparing timecode or audio waveforms as well as other sync options like Rec Time, Clip Marker and Clip in and out points.

Create a folder for each camera like Cam1 and Cam2 and place all clips of each camera in the corresponding folders.

Set bin to detail view and make sure the Reel No. column is visible.

Select all clips and click the topmost edit button next to Reel and type Cam1.

All clips will now have the Cam1 reel name.

Repeat the above steps with the second and third or more cameras.

If a dedicated audio recorder is used, also apply a reel name to all audio clips.

EDIUS 9.5 Multicam preparation step1
EDIUS 9.5 Multicam preparation step2
Create a bin folder called Multicam and drag any or all required clips from Cam1 and Cam2 etc folders to the Multicam folder, in this example only one clip from each camera.
EDIUS 9.5 Multicam preparation step3
Select all clips in Multicam folder and right click, Multicam sync or use Shift+Ctrl+M
EDIUS 9.5 Multicam preparation step4

Select the desired sync point like Timecode or Audio or Audio around marker.

By choosing Audio around the marker, you save a lot of time because EDIUS will only analyse a few seconds around the clip marker area in case your clips are of a long duration like say 90min.

In order to use this option, you need to add a clip marker to the desired Cam1 and Cam2 clips. Place a Cam1 clip in the player window and listen to audio such as a certain spoken word or say a person walking to a lectern, then add a marker, then do the same with the corresponding Cam2 clip, the marker needs to be only approximate, plus or minus a few seconds.

When the multicam consists of lots of short clips, there is no need to choose the audio around the marker option because analyzing will be fast enough.

In most cases I choose the Timecode option since all my cameras are synced to the same Timecode before each shoot.

EDIUS 9.5 Multicam preparation step5

Select desired audio channel like Stereo or Monaural (Default is Monaural)

Type a suitable name for the Multicam Sequence or use the suggested name

Select New Sequence and click OK

EDIUS 9.5 Multicam preparation step6
EDIUS 9.5 Multicam Sequence

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