Digital Video Editing

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Video editing for Broadcast and High Quality Corporate with Grass Valley EDIUS realtime non-linear digital editing software and hardware. We can output the edited results to Blu-ray, DVD, digital tape, USB stick, portable hard disk or for online viewing in 4k or HD.

Video Editing with EDIUS Workgroup
Video Editing with EDIUS Workgroup
Editing Studio Inclusions: Voiceover Booth with Pro AKG Microphone and Symetrix Compressor, various VCR's for capture and recording, including XDCAM HD 4:2:2 file based, D9, Blu-ray, Betacam SP, U-Matic SP, U-Matic, S-VHS, DV, Mini DV, DVCAM, DVD, DVD-R, VHS. (NTSC formats also accepted from XDCAM HD, Blu-ray, DV, DVCAM, DVD, DVD-R and VHS)
All analogue video tape players include full frame Time Base Correctors (TBC) with Digital Noise Reduction (NR) to ensure the cleanest digital signal capture.

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