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Cool and useful Edius tips and shortcuts

Drag a video clip with audio onto an audio track such as 1A, this will strip the video and you can use the audio.

While  moving a clip on  the timeline, press shift, this will disable snap until you let go of the shift key.

Press Ctrl+T at timeline cursor position and a still image will appear in your bin, you can use that still as a freeze frame. Ctrl+T remembers the format of the last manual still image export. If the last manual image export was tga with lower field first, Ctrl+T will create the same format.

Place cursor in between 2 timeline clips and press Alt+1, this will create a 1 sec transition, press Alt+2 for a 2 sec transition, press Alt+3 for a 3 sec transition and so on.......

Change clips in bin from 16:9 to 4:3 aspect or vice versa by right clicking, properties, there you can change the field order and the thumbnail of the clip

Change clips audio from stereo to left mono or right mono by right clicking, properties

Place any effect at the beginning or end of any clip by expanding the clip on timeline to reveal keyer section, drag any effect to the left of the keyer area for a fade in or fly in etc., drag any effect to the right of the keyer for fade out or fly away etc....

Crop and Stretch any clip by right clicking, Layout.....

Quickly move from edit point to edit point on timeline with page up and down buttons.

Ctrl+1 to Ctrl+0 are used for quickly zooming timeline work area, Ctrl+1 = zoomed in to a 1 frame level, Ctrl+0 = zoomed in to always fit entire project. Ctrl+2 and Ctrl+3 are most common for normal editing.

Right click any audio or opacity node, click move, this will allow you to move the node in DB or % by rolling the mouse wheel or typing

Press Alt while dragging a node up and down and all nodes will move up and down.

Quickly fade in an audio clip by pressing Shift+V, timeline cursor must be parked at start of clip to be faded. The duration of the fade can be set in preferences, V-mute duration. To fade out an audio clip the same way, the timeline cursor must be moved left by 1 frame from the end of the clip.

You can fade any audio or video manually by simply clicking to create a node, then pulling the start node or end node down.

Quickly locate unused clips on timeline with the bin search function, then you can drag these clips to a temp bin and delete its contents

To copy/paste a transition, simply drag it

To place transitions between all clips in one hit, press Shift+A to select entire timeline or Ctrl+A to select entire track, then drag the transition in between the first 2 clips, all others will automatically be added. (If you only want to do a certain number of clips, Ctrl select them or rubber band them).

To select all clips on entire timeline, press Shift+A

To place effects on all clips in one hit, press Shift+A to select entire timeline or Ctrl+A to select entire track and drag an effect to the first clip. (If you only want to do a certain number of clips, Ctrl select them or rubber band them).

To change the volume of any track, open the audio mixer. To change the volume of several tracks as a synchronised unit, use the gang feature of the audio mixer.

Preview any transition or effect all day long before committing it by simply pressing the play button. The effect will be played in preview window and external monitor in a loop until you click stop. The effect will also be played while modifying any of the effects parameters in any of the config tabs.

Quickly set  thumbnails for your clips in the bin by clicking the clip with the mouse wheel button, then moving the mouse right for forward scroll or back for reverse scroll. See How

Easily mix 4:3 clips into 16:9 project with the use of the layout tool. Place a generic 16:9 background or animated background on V1, place a 4:3 clip on V2, right click the 4:3 clip and click Layout, set fill color to 0% resulting in the 16:9 background filling the otherwise black sidebars

To get Titlemotion Pro started with your favorite font, decoration and alignment etc., simply set all as you would like, then go to the file menu and click Template Manager then click the Update button on the default template

To quickly and easily change a rubberband node, let the timeline cursor snap to it, then press the Y key on the keyboard, this opens the property pallete Use the U key to delete any node at timeline cursor position.

To copy a filter from one clip to another or to many clips in one hit, See How

To measure duration of any section of the timeline, set an I at start of measure point and O at end of measure point and the preview monitor will show the duration See How


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