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Creating Blu-ray or DVD Motion Menus with EDIUS 6.5 or EDIUS 7


1. Edit your timeline, add markers for chapters and set in and out points so that at least one second of black is added to the start and at the end of timeline.

2. Add a new sequence which will become the place to add your menu background vision and music. In my example I use a dynamic animated texture from Vistitle. You can also add a video clip or a still image and stretch it to the duration of the music. Be sure to note the exact sequence duration, you will need that later in EDIUS.

3. Start the Disk Burner and select Blu-ray or DVD and select Use Menu.

4. Set your desired video and audio bitrate.

5. In the Style Tab, select No Title Menu (if only a few chapters) and choose the Border Cursor Style

6. In the Edit Tab, select Motion Menu and untick fade in and out, then type the duration of your Sequence2, in my case 30 seconds

7. Click The Background selection label and then load Sequence2 as your background.

8. If you desire a custom thumbnail, double click the first thumbnail and browse for an image file, bmp is ideal quality

9. Here is the result of a custom image loaded inside the existing place holder.

10. Unlock the Thumbnail Aspect Ratio at the bottom right of the Edit Tab and then type a suitable size for your thumbnail.

11. Perform the same as in Step 10 for all other Menu Buttons.

12. Drag the text box on top of the button and note the text box position as indicated at bottom right.

13. Perform the same as in Step 12 for any other menu button text.

14. Reduce the menu button text box to a suitable size and note its width at the bottom right. Then do the same to all other menu button text boxes.

15. Edit the name of the menu text to something that reflects its contents.

16. Draw a lasso around a menu button to select all items inside, then use the keyboard arrow keys to position as required.

17. Turn on the grid to help you align the text to a desired position.

18. Go to the Write Tab and make sure your menu action options are correct.

19. Finally, type a label and compile to image folder for later testing with software DVD player and burning with Nero Burning Rom or ImgBurn, or select the burn with EDIUS option, in which case you can't test prior to burning.

20. When done making a DVD, you could simply switch to Blu-ray and now export to Blu-ray without having to recreate the menu.

Blu-ray export selection



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