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Using TmpgEnc 4 Xpress for downscaling EDIUS HD to PAL or NTSC SD with superb results, no downscaling artifacts, ideal for DVD production.

1. Export your EDIUS timeline to Canopus HQ Fine Quality or Canopus Lossless. Be sure Edius project setting is set to Standard Color space conversion.

CanopusHQ fine


2. Open the HD 1440x1080i (interlaced) or 1920x1080i (interlaced) file and make sure it is changed to interlaced with top field first.

TmpgEnc 4 Xpress - Add File


TmpgEnc 4 Xpress - Clip Settings


3. Go to Filters, select Resize Filter and make sure both options are unticked and Lancos3 is used for resize method

TmpgEnc 4 Xpress - Filters


These settings are responsible for the excellent downscaling quality, eliminating all downscaling artifacts.

TmpgEnc 4 Xpress - Resize filter options


4. select your DVD export template and configure as required.

TmpgEnc 4 Xpress - DVD Template


5. Use the resulting files directly in your authoring software such as DVD Lab Pro etc.


NOTE: If your timeline contains titles and graphics with fine detail, I recommend you turn off any title and graphics tracks prior to exporting Edius timeline to Canopus HQ. (Titles and graphics with fine detail don't downscale perfect with the above steps).


Then do the down conversion with TmpgEnc4 Xpress as in the below steps

change your Edius HD project setting to SD

turn off the existing video layers and turn on all title and graphics layers

add a new video track above the existing video and add the T4 converted Canopus HQ or Lossless

change field order to top and aspect ratio to 16:9

export to Canopus HQ and then convert to DVD using TmpgEnc 4 Xpress (for best results) etc. or use the buily in Disk Burner program (not as sharp).




Other possibilities and options


If you need an avi file instead, use the following template and make settings accordingly



Select the codec of your choice, like Canopus HQ or Lossless

Select required codec


Note: the resulting avi file will have the wrong aspect and field order, so be sure to correct this after loading the clip in an SD project.


EDIUS field order and aspect ratio



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