Multimedia Builder Tips

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Getting started with Multimedia Builder

Use Windows Explorer and create a new folder and give it a name. place anything that your project will use inside that folder.

Start MMB and save as, give it a name and save to the above folder.

Project menu - general settings, set to 600x450, name the page, set a background that will fill the whole computer screen when the project is played.

Page menu - properties, set a bg colour or image for the 600x450 project window.

Text tool - type any text for your heading etc.

Links - to E-mail or Website. Use the text tool and type E-mail and Website, then highlight E-mail and link, do the same for Website. (set up link colour and mouse over colour while you are there)

Video - Click this button or Object menu, video, browse for the video file and click OK, then position the video with your arrow keys. (Indeo 5.11 works very well)

Lets see how it looks so far.

Button tool - Use the text button tool and click above the video, or wherever you wish the button to be, double click the button and type Play Video, then create a play action as seen in the image. You can create another button and name it Stop, then set up a stop action.

Test show - by clicking the test show button or choose Project menu, run.

Path replace - once you are happy with the project, choose Project menu, path replace. This needs to be done because the users CD ROM Drive may not be D, it could be F, G etc. The replaced path looks like this

Now you can burn the CD by dragging the autorun.exe, autorun.inf and the video clip to the CD burner.

Multimedia Builder is capable of complex projects with many pages, it has built in effects, built in animated backgrounds and lots more....